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Hello Friends

It's that time of year again, chilly, sunny Autumn days, conker season (soaking in vinegar is banned, no cheating!!) and Christmas is just around the corner. Of course the events committee is working on the programme for 2024 and I admit to being excited about some new ideas coming together, keeping tried and tested events also but we are hoping that all are going to be fun.

Whilst raising funds for Croome's special projects we are also mindful of the tricky economic conditions at the present time. Pricing our events with rising costs across the board has been challenging but we feel that we have struck an acceptable balance and are offering a varied range of events suitable for our membership.

We do need more committee members to share our events planning so if you have basic computer skills, enjoy event planning, have innovative ideas and have a taste for tea and biscuits, let's meet up at Croome and discuss what we do and see if you may like to join our team.

You have all been aware that we are hoping to offer a cruise — we have considered all feedback so far and we are narrowing down the options, of which there are many. Our research shows that there are more options at good rates if we depart in May as opposed to September. There are also better departure locations in May: in September we were limited to only sail from Tilbury. Therefore, we are thinking about offering a cruise in May 2025, moving our long 5-day holiday to September 2025.

Our long holiday in May 2024 to Yorkshire will remain, As we will be a group booking for our cruise, we will be able to offer good rates and negotiate as many perks as possible. Please watch this space for more details.

We do hope that you will like our new events schedule and will join us for fun and interesting times throughout next year. Wishing you all a healthy and happy festive season.

Best wishes from Linda Nash and the Events Team.