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R.A.F. Defford...

In 1940 the whole of Defford Common and a part of Croome Park were requisitioned to make an airfield. In May 1942 it became the base for the Telecommunications Flying Unit, established to test various types of radar equipment which was being developed at the nearby Telecommunications Research Establishment in Malvern.

R.A.F. Defford was a top secret military establishment, in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside, which helped to change the course of World War II. The work carried out here was both ground breaking and dangerous, with numerous incidents, accidents and fatalities along the way. At it’s peak Defford was home to upwards of 100 aircraft and over 2500 personnel

Today this remarkable, if somewhat brief, part of Croome's history is commemorated in the renovated buildings. Possibly the only remaining R.A.F. wartime sick quarters, it is now partly used by the National Trust for a visitors' canteen and reception area. There is also a very popular, modern and growing museum. It shows what happened here during World War II and the Cold War that followed.

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